How long will it take to groom my dog?
As I am getting to know your dog and vice versa, on average in the beginning it will take 1.5-2.5 hours. I will let you know when you drop
off your dog how long I will expect your dogs pamper session to be.

Do you just groom pedigree dogs?
No, many of my poochie customers are complete pavement specials (mixed breeds). Your dog will be pampered regardless of his breed
or breeds and I will trim and style him to your lifestyle needs.

Are you trained?
Absolutely, and with nearly 21 years of experience raising & breeding Yorkshire Terriers, grooming yorkies and other breeds, I still find it
fascinating to be in my line of work.

Can I stay with my dog?
If you are very nervous about leaving your dog with me please discuss it with me and I will try to make you feel as comfortable as possible.
I have references available also upon your request, if that will help ease your mind.  I find it much easier to groom without any
distractions, as I groom one dog at a time. Dogs tend to behave better when they cannot see owners.  Ultimately, I want to make grooming
a pleasurable experience for them. I am experienced at handling all kinds of breeds & characters.

How often does my dog need grooming?
This depends on what breed your dog is and style you want your dog to have. Typically every 4-8 weeks for styled dogs. Between grooms
it is important that you continue to brush regularly to avoid matts and tangles.

My dog just needs a bath and a pedicure, not a full groom - do you do this?
With pleasure, many customers just want a quick wash inbetween full grooms to  freshen up. Some clients also just want a wash, dry and
nail trim as their woofs are really short haired or because they just want a wash if they have become a little smelly. A luxurious bath, fluff
dry and nail clip start from $15 depending on size of your pet.

My dog's coat is very matted, why has this happened?
Some breeds have coats that are very high maintenance and if not brushed regularly form mats. Mats can be very difficult to remove and
left untouched can cause your dog great discomfort by pulling on his skin or becoming infected. A matted dog is a prisoner in its own fur.

Will you put my dog in a cage?
I have no cages and don't feel this is necessary as once I am done grooming, I will promptly call you to let you know they are ready.
Generally, I send a text 10 minutes prior to completion. If you feel you need more time prior to pick-up, weather permitting, your dog can
play in our backyard or wait for you in our home.

Do I have to make an appointment?
Although my appointment book is happily quite busy,  I will always try to be as accommodating as possible with your busy schedule. Please
call ahead of time at:   (480)272-1130

What happens if I can't make my appointment?
Please let me know via a phonecall or an sms, and we can re-schedule your appointment for your next earliest convenience, I will not
charge you a cancellation fee as I know these things happen.
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